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Bologna: of arcades and skyline, narrow alleyways and the hallowed halls of academia (literal here!)

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Jun. 5th, 2012 | 07:08 am

en route via rail...

petals scattered on arcade pavement
There were the gate-entrances to various villas and shrines scattered along the arcade walls. reminded me of shinto shrines and the Torii gates.


Glimpsing the glimmering cross is a sweet feeling. Those 3 kilometres felt like a pilgrimage!

I loved the colour of the rosa clay walls. So tactile, like seashell, almost tastable.

Moi, not looking at camera, as per usual.

and my feet... arcade walls match my 20 euro leather boots and tights
The Arcades...

'garage' church courtyard sales in the basement cloisters of the labyrinth church

adding to my collection of pictures of self taken through mirrors

Beginnign of arcades

lunch at the troitteria: *amazing* red wine

I love those arched ceilings yes.

my favourite museum in Bologna, and the top 5 in Tuscany for me: Palazzo Poggi.

THe most amazing library I have ever visited (Aula Magna) in my life. Reminded me of a cathedral.

Books behind mesh, sometimes in chains. Reminded me of you, Dia. 

Camille, who takes more pictures that I do! I didn't take that many in Bologna, because my camera was dying, so I sketched more...

Narrow streetways hide amazing, strange and peculiar shops.

The labyrinth of churches: 5 in one? One of my favourites, because of the play of space. One constantly finds oneself in a reinvented cloister of another era of architecture.

I love these streetside shrines.

The university courtyard! There are 2 entrances: one for the sciences, the other for the arts. Bologna University is the oldest in the world, apparently.

What I'd give to study here x_x

The anatomy theatre- wouldn't wood suck in the smell of corpses?

Oh Bologna University, what pretty auditoriums you have.

Bologna is home of Spagetti Bolognese but I can't stand that so I had mushrooms and taglitone and I think it's the best pasta I've tasted besides my own x_x.

Etruscan museum

From my moleskine. There are more, but I lazy yes.

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from: rosetintedstars
date: Jun. 6th, 2012 06:12 pm (UTC)

shooot the library and university look amazing! and it's great to see you in the pictures amy!! <3

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from: catewigs
date: Jun. 9th, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I tried to get my friends to take pictures of me this time! Haha :D Glad you enjoyed them and that university did blow my mind!

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