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Florence: week 1

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Jun. 5th, 2012 | 08:32 am

I'm still in the process of uploading photos. There are so many! So please pardon the limited commentary. It's a laborious process I somehow feel obligated to as a way of organizing my memories of the trip (which my moleskine has already partially done, but that's mostly for myself).
Moleskin scans here.

My initial glimpses of Florence was jet-lagged through a window (do you see the Duomo?). The bells tolled endlessly, followed by the rushing of some thing I don't know what was.

Rooftop terrace of hotel I had to sojourn in till 5pm. Thankfully someone came in before that so I only had to wait till 3pm to get into my apartment. I was rather jet-lagged and ended up drawing because I couldn't sleep -_-

Along my daily commute...

The daily walk downtown...

Near the place I was in for the first week, which is a little further from central Florence and very residential.

I like taking pictures of cats.

And cat graffiti. 

Doggy! (partially blind. he was so sweet!)

Oh those Florentine streets... (are so narrow)

I love the Arno, oh yes.

The monastery near the Arno

Those lamps!

First field trip to Fiesole and the monastery, which made me want to be a nun.

With such a view, you can't blame me.

First Roman Ruins (of many)


I love those Romanesque pillars.

Those trees rverycute

Our group! (in a monastery cloister courtyard. it was so gorgeous it made me want to be a nun...)

Point. I love cloisters. I think every house should have such spaces.

They live in this tiny cells I thought were very charming: a desk, a cross, a chair, a bed and a window. Must be conducive to creating and thinking.

My first pizza. nom nom.

The perfumery! I fell in love with it, yes yes. It will make a re-appearance later on.

I love these little things along FLorentine walkways.


Prof leading the way

Clusters of rooftops, of which there are many in Florence.

Hullo, miss kitty

More kitties.

My ink bottle emblematic kitty.

Chapel near the Arno we hung out at

THere were lots of old ladies walking their dogs

There ends part i!

And Moleskine scans:

And art done during the week (and shortly before) (and in addition to my many moleskine pages. Note compulsive drawing tendency):

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