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the last of the spring babies

Mar. 26th, 2012 | 12:34 pm

A spring (5-minute) poem pocket:


New skin reborn

a melting pot of sensation, seeping through the sap

into the flesh, flowing from a deep below-ground ether

Medusa, reborn from the snakes of her hair my new

soul glows, a tiny crystal glinting, its sharp

edges prickling the tender flesh-skins of my 

newly-emerging fetal heart, trembling 

with the whisper of a new spring.

Sort of a transitional "oh I'm so sick of incubating wintry babies now Spring has come and this is proof of it" piece. Expect other things now, haha.

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two plant-things

Mar. 9th, 2012 | 12:05 pm

Plant imagery-things. Yes, words. Continuing the organic motif.....Also, I'm going to be pening my online store with Jo's help this weekend. I'll have 2 limited edition prints up for sale :) Stay tuned!

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two pieces for Discorder magazine

Mar. 9th, 2012 | 11:10 am

Illustrating the movie Pina

You can read it :)

More coming your way...

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another incubation piece, and abundant news

Feb. 18th, 2012 | 10:12 pm

Because winter makes me want to build womb-like spaces to crawl into. I've been a bit out of it lately, both artistically and whatnot. I guess a lot of is show preparation (I feel way out of my depth with this, but what's got to be done has to be done).

News-wise, I'm now represented by Coatcheck Gallery. I'm so, so thankful to Jo for just taking care of all the having-to-write-blurbs-and-bio stuff. I find I can't talk about myself without subconsciously laughing over myself in a self-deprecating way. It's just too tempting *not* to make fun of myself. Somehow 'artist' is still burden-heavy with a rampage of ugly-pretension laundry-hangings I try and side-step, so I just go by student in the furthest metaphysical sense for now, thank you.

Which is the case that's hopefully not too evident with my recent Eyestrane interview. You know, being interviewed is like writing a stream of consciousness essay about my own work. I find my mind making connections to thesis-pieces I was working on that time

(in the case of the above, it was a Fun Home essay on the space of memory, labyrinths, corridors, minotaur-shadows, flexible space/time boundaries and how the architecture of the book can become a maze leading you into uncanny encounters with alternate selves... I'm ambitious, I know).

Anyhow, more news:
- Planned June/July show at The Pigeonhole. Have yet to hear back, but thankfully I have people to help me follow up on it. If I can't confirm it, I'll just have a show in one of the rooms of the Substation.
(Such inspiring people! Here's an article on them)

Here's the bio/blurb for the June/July show:

July 2012: Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal SelfCollapse )
Amy Goh's ink-layered illustrations stitch together an encyclopaedic visual repository wherein she scrutinizes and navigates memories, dreams, and the nebulous crevices of the mind.  
Amy is currently based in Montreal, Canada where she is engaged in academia and actively exploring the potential for cross-medial artistic collaboration.  


Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self (working title) is an ongoing series initiated in 2011 as a source of meditative catharsis.  The collection of  ink illustrations attempts an exploration into the nebulous spaces of memory and its origins.  Floating ink-ridden pockets behave as conscious iterations of a hyperreality wherein compulsively recurring womb-like crevices and iconographic imagery meld together and mediate between finite and infinite.  As personages, objects, and creatures are meticulously layered and grafted onto a personal mythical template, an alchemic map forms; accounting for every element of its cosmology. Watery Wombs: Memories of a Fetal Self is an ever expanding multi-volume ode to the emphasis of process, progress, and introspective action.
Annabelle, who is probably the sweetest, most helpful art director I've encountered (although admittedly I've had the fortune of not having to run up against pretentious, elitist art types I keep hearing about yet.. touch wood here) proposed to let me have the Substation gallery space for Summer 2013, seeing they're full till March 2013. I have this amazing show planned as well...

Aaaaand this is the show Jo, me and Justin Lassen are planning for 2013. Jo's (who is the director of the gallery I am represented by) going to try and help us get a grant to get it funded. Thank god...
Here's the space


"For my solo show in 2013, I want to create a mirror world full of faceless creatures with projections of my drawings superimposed upon them. A seemingly sterile desert of half-formed beings would transform into a shadowy realm of things-in-the-becoming when the lights are turned off.

blah blah blahCollapse )
The space itself would, ideally, be manipulated to resemble a womb-like blank slate containing sculptures of faces, bodies, cats, and creatures (with some parts exposed so you can see the wiring underneath) in-the-process-of-becoming. The white sculptures would ordinarily blend into the walls, subsumed by the claustrophobic, desert-like space. However, animated, a shadow world would come to life full of creatures in various states of metamorphosis. I'd also install crystals (in cave-like fashion) at selected angles into the sculptures and around selected parts of the room so the ceiling would be cast full of iridescent rainbows. The contrast between the still faceless, blank slates of the sculptures and  the moving, constantly fluxing shadow universe would truly make for an uncanny experience. Think Sylvia Plath's "The Three Muses" and their balloon heads. The show will be accompanied by an ambient soundtrack full of watery, forest sounds by Justin Lassen. It will also hold a participatory element, in which visitors will have to go through a 'tattoo'-initiation rite (basically buying tickets and getting their hands stamped. But tickets can be bought by barter- by bringing in something pertaining to the theme of the show) in order to gain admission to the world the space encapsulates.

I'm rather verbose today, haha. 

Anyway, lastly I have a piece coming up in Discorder Magazine as well illustrating the movie Mina. FUnnily, my prof was just talking about the Rite of Spring ballet in class and actually seeing a clip of it is quite... sublime. So yeah, I enjoyed doing it.

Oh right. And it's break time or 'reading week'. No such thing here, though. School has a tendency to make sure that just about *everything* is due after break. Here is me going to recluse writing mode now to get work done. -_-. Ah well, I'll be going to the museum to draw with a friend, among other things so hopefully those little excursion-dates will keep me sane across midterm period...

Oh and lastly thought I'd share the little interview Jo did with me just so she could help me write the blurb/bio, haha. If you want even more thoughts on my process, here you go:

interview no 2, or more introspective destination-less ramblingsCollapse )

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three umbilical children

Feb. 12th, 2012 | 05:41 pm

For the Wellcome Museum project

twins: reprise

My pregnancy with twins was fraught with difficulties. I went into labour at 28weeks , and examination showed they were both in the breach position. They eventually were born, with no medical intervention, 9 weeks early, but were both in good health. They were home with me in 5 weeks. I contunually give thanks for all of that, and am proud to be their mother. I have two other wonderful healthy children.

Name: Carolyn Horn

Where: London

When: 1979

Who to thank: The greater power."

"I am thankfull for having people around me who pull me away from the black hole of lonelyness. London is on of the biggest and most populated cities in the world, however it is soo easy to be lost withinin ones self. My friends and the people close to me have been able to show me the light and steer me away from my own near fatalities of depression. I give thanks to being able to see the light shown from the beauties my loved ones show me, and I give Thanks to the one who once loved me.

Name: Hina

Where: London

When: 2010

Who to thank: Rav Lochab"

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methodical news: one, two, three

Feb. 11th, 2012 | 10:27 pm

Firstly, I have two votives up on the Wellcome Collection Museum site. I strongly, strongly recommend their Packed Lunch podcast, or a little exploration of their amazing blog. It melds my favourite things. Do you see that massive tag cloud containing the words 'dirt' 'skin' 'sick city' medicine' 'tattoos' next to 'art' and 'anatomy'? Now that's a sublime configuration.

No. 1: Swimming in Darkness
no. ii: Thrice strangled Umbilical Cord

econdly, my dream of having a show at the Substation may come true. 'just saying. Pending. I have Epic Plans of conjuring up an watery chamber of memory, as per usual. 

Also, the issue of Status Magazine with my feature is up. Here's the clip: 

You can purchase a copy in most places in Asia I think. And there is one place in New York which stocks it. I don't quite remember its name. Ahem.

One more art piece. I have two other new ones, but I think I'll leave them for another entry, seeing they're 1) symmetrical in a peculiar way 2) for the votive project.

Bodily contemplation: being adrift from one's self.

THis piece kind of made me want to do comics. Erm.
Lastly, pictures for the Project Futures show are up here.

Yes, that is all. Now I have gotten Publicity out of the way, I'll prepare a proper entry later!

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two nudes, and a face

Jan. 27th, 2012 | 11:00 pm

I was listening to Grimes's Skin while drawing it. I like drawing bodies. There is an intimacy to it that's unravelled. 
for Project Futures
the theme is "Light vs. Dark or Shedding Light on a Dark Subject: Sex Trafficking" and will be shown at Galerie Avenue Art (Studio 10 King) in the Old Port of Montreal (the vernissage is on the 9th of Feb)
this is the press release, for those interestedCollapse )

Honestly I was drawing a nude at the time I got the request for the show; so the connection between sex trafficking + what I was drawing is strictly coincidental.
Hee, it's funny that I read an article called "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger on the tradition of drawing nudes for graphic novel (we're doing Fun Home and I think it's one of my all-time favourite graphic memoirs now... it has a really cool recursive memory-spiral-like structure) shortly after this... It talks about how the 'nude' is really a body on display rendered for the viewer. Thus, there is a very distinct difference being nude and naked. Hmm...

Lately, my mind has been a bit of  feverish whirl, to tell the truth. The past couple of weeks feel like a mountain of a month has already elapsed. my sense of time has officially been distorted. that and waking up to vivid, intense winter dreams every single night (I do not exaggerate. EVERY. single. night.) I feel like I'm surrendering to a distant, dark shadowy quarter of myself (like the dark of the moon-ish, if I were to use a maudlin metaphor). Also feel this need/urge to write disjointed poetry, which is always a sign that my mind is breeding too many entity-things. 

Am I the only one who feels winter sort of seeps into your mind-skin, folding you into a kind of darkish cave where shadows continuously flicker even when the lights turn off? So you aren't really given a reprieve from your thoughts, even under closed lids or in dreams (notepad says "night: tossing dreams restless celluloid flickering under lids/ winter makes my soul moist warm silvan under". I am good at incoherence). Not in a bad way, this time, though. More like being unable to terminate thinking. it's convenient for school. It means I can't shut up (see?)

Also, we're doing Bell Jar in American Novel with Professor Hepburn. it is so sublime. And we had another field trip in Middle English Materiality class where we got to see medieval maps where you can trace the world's history from Genesis to the Apocalypse, with monstrous interludes in-between. That, too.

(Oh, and I'm reading Calvino's Marcovaldo or The seasons in the City for Environmental European Imaginations class (organic cities! Ambergris!) and it's simply sublime. Reminds me of The diary of Tortov Roddle or La maison en petits cubes. it has that subtle, magical air)

School is intersecting with my life and art again in uncanny ways. The only thing to do, I suppose, is to surrender.


I didn't like this one, but I"ll put it here anywayCollapse )

I'm also expecting the Wellcome votives to be up, soon! Excited about that . I also have another one I finished about the birth of twins. Will update when it's up... 

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part ii: flower girls

Jan. 13th, 2012 | 06:02 pm

One of two I rushed through- image then appeared in my head.

For the Wellcome Collection:

"My elder sister was born with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around her neck. The doctors said she was dead and then ,my mother praid to Saint Francis Assisi to save her. Miraculously she lived and even though doctors predicted she would have brain problems she is now very healthy and no sign's of brain problems.

Name: matilda

Where: the hospital

When: 1998

Who to thank: I would like to thank Saint Francis of Assisi"

This is John, my lil brother. Drew it as a sort of thank-you to my family (my father refused to let me pay for shipping when he offered to give me his nano instead of me buying a new one, hahaha. He has an iphone now that Talks. My brother: will you marry me? Iphone: my licensing agreement does not cover marriage; also reminds me of this episode of "This American Life" I was listening to last night). He was fun to draw.
(and yes he has a double eyelid in only one eye. Little idiosyncrasies you have to squint to discern!)

I'm doing a graphic novel course this semester which I'm rather smitten with. Hmm. The professor looks and talks like Alan Moore; we spent the entire 2nd class on just the first page of Watchmen exploring how it abstracts popular, familiar signs and makes us see things in many new ways (to radically simplify). It was really... unnerving, and enlightening. Also doing a Middle English course with a few workshop components in which we get to play Medieval Scribes and transcribe actual 14th century manuscripts. Hmm. 

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part i: moon girls

Jan. 12th, 2012 | 07:30 pm

Moon Face. Still exorcizing ideas from plane 2 weeks ago, hehe.

Venus in flames, for the Wellcome Collection

"I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in June 2006, at the age of 26. It was not the most common kind, and it was aggressive. I had surgery 6 weeks later, and made a full recovery back to health. I will never be pregnant, but I still hope to one day be a mother, and live life to it fullest.

Name: Petra Hall

Where: Bristol

When: 2006

Who to thank: Jo Bailey, and Mr Murdoch, at St Michaels Hospital, Bristol."

More to come!

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my birdhouse, among other things

Jan. 7th, 2012 | 11:33 am

My birdhouse, done on the trip. Can you see a horsey galloping into a new year? I finished it in a lovely Portland hotel while my family watched Knight and Day. It's lovely working next to family. It's funny, but I feel *rooted* again for the first time since I was 16, and rooted to *family* for the first time since I was 10. It's funny to declare on one day to a friend that I am an Eternal Orphan, Fact Be It (and it really can be liberating  in lieu of this, even if it means total and perpetual isolation), and then wake the next day realizing I am No Longer So. Does breed a deep seated sense of appreciation and Outward Springing Forth (okay, will cease the annoying capitalization of important terms).

Also, I met a falcon in Oregon while drawing it and borrowed its wing for some of the anatomy. There are actually 3 wings- like the angels.  I rushed a bit through this, to tell the truth, because it was so inky heavy -_- I also met a wolfdog, but you'll have to wait for the next post for its picture (my memory card adapter broke)

We also visited Powells, which was lovely D: My room is stuffed full of the smell of old books now, and I'm spending the rest of my break reading away... The God of Small Things must my favourite book ever. I can't explain it. I also got Genji Monogatari for a couple of dollars, The Prism and the Pendulum (a book of essays on the beauty of math and science) from a small antique shop, Sitches by David Small, Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, a little handbook on Hindu iconography, and the Bone People (a disappointment, but I kept having to finish it...). I didn't quite get to drink my favourite coffee ever, because I was rather preoccupied, haha.

For the Wellcome Collection- to be posted in the next couple of week on their site. The Wellcome Collection is a lovely museum in the UK speciailizing in art, medicine and science exhibits. Totally my thing. Really enjoyed doing this! (it helped me get over my 3 hour jet lag)

the votive that inspired itCollapse )

Okay, I hope you forgive the superfluous reflecting on my life, but it *is* the beginning of the new year in which the world was supposed to end, and thus I think that it is warranted as such. In other news, I'm still working with Bani of the now defunct (aww) B-Quartet to stage a show at the Substation, or perhaps some other Singapore gallery (Substation is full till March 2013, but there is a room available outside the gallery). Will update.


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