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my labyrinth book

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Dec. 17th, 2011 | 09:10 am

Part ii: Secrets revealed

So... this is the book I did for my final for Fragments, that awesome-sauce class which I am still in love with and will dearly miss.

The book has 4 story arcs Max Ernst, cosmic-alchemic-map style, secret pockets, and many diversions in all directions. The idea is to create a quasi-linear, quasi-logical story flipbook labyrinth-maze game-thing. The distractions distract you from reaching the end. The 4 'themes' for the images supposedly map the 4 coordinates my world, but don't really. Yes, I like the idea of having a book that's manipulatable like a toy, yet immersive and interactive.

(I made it up in a second, which was how this book was largely made: the contents were an obstacle to the actual photocpying, cutting, printing, etc. Was done 100% Stream of Consciousness style. Had no idea what would happen when I started it.)

Not yet completed: I still have to insert secrets into the pockets, give the hidden origami crane a secret message, add more poetry, among other things. Also pondering what to do with the ghost hand. I love xerox machines. The hand is actually the 2nd hand of a Victorian doll I got at a garage sale from an old French lady. The other hand adorns my grotesque book (another book I made for my first art series
Did it in one mad day of rushing back-and-forth for literally 4+ hours (wrestling computers, persuading xerox machines to do things they were never made for, slicing paper, ripping things apart. I am very violent). I think I creatively exhausted myself...

On its back.
Cover has a hole-wound where I pierced it with a golden nail in order to pin a porcelain doll's hand with a piece of red silk ribbon. It's not really as brutal as it sounds. I also ended up covering the hole with an eye, and sewing a button to the hand so it clasps at the back.
I decided to take it out, though. But I did xerox it before I did, so there is a ghost trace of De Phantom Hand. It reminds me of Roland Barthes + ??? countless other media theorists's theory about photography being an indexical medium that can record the presence of invisible realms and 'preserve the corpses of living persons'. Light inscribes the film, see, so the film has a 'trace' of the entity that once lived.

The hand can be attached to a wire clasp at the back which is in the middle of the eye-hands (you'll see what I mean when I get there)

2nd pocket: contains a xerox picture of growing crystals.

The poem is inspired by Persephone's abduction + Eurydice's descent into the underworld.

Withering worlds, a flower descending
a thousand shrinking souls drifting further, further
away, away
eyes flitting shut, play in reverse:
you, gone, gone
with the shrieking wind
as I cry out my desperate song
for you to blossom again, but no,
you turn your back
you turn your back
away, away

And stepping on to the next section of images...

still want to add dead leaves and things taped to the I grow old thing so it resembles a coffin. Actually inspired by Petrarch's sestina love poem 21 in which the lover traps himself in the landscape he creates for his beloved in An Epic and Melodramatic Why-Won't-You-Love-Me gesture (yes I wrote an essay about that. Haha)... I have the strangest inspirations

Stepping on to the next section...

And the last section! (With my apple girl story arc)

The moon girl is a pocket. it opens out 4 flaps. She hides a black paper crane with a hidden message- the secret at the heart of the labyrinth.

The ghost hand/ trace of that-of-which-once-was.

I also have some art, but that will have to wait, won't it? I've tried your patience enough for a day.
(actually I'm lazy to start another post so I'll dump it under the next cut)

(I think it's becoming obvious that I have a tendency to overdo it when I slip into productive mode... This was done whilst finishing *counts* 3 essays (8-12 pages each), 2 take-home exams (?? pages) and preparing for my last exam for British novel. All within a week or so.)


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Comments {6}


from: ratsdeville.typepad.com
date: Dec. 17th, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)

I love your art Amy, I'm your biggest fan! especially the secret magic book format, what a dreamy work

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Re: love

from: catewigs
date: Dec. 17th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)

Thanks, Eric! :) I'm glad you like it. I plan to make more. At least one per series.

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from: shdwcat
date: Dec. 17th, 2011 11:45 pm (UTC)

This is so amazing!!

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from: bubblegum_love
date: Dec. 20th, 2011 11:35 pm (UTC)

Your work is so amazing and intricate. I love what you are doing!! May I add you?

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from: catewigs
date: Dec. 21st, 2011 02:24 am (UTC)

Sure! :)

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from: mkristen
date: Dec. 21st, 2011 08:41 am (UTC)

I found this off of laceandflora. I absolutely love it! You are so creative. I only wish your book was sold in stores... I'd love to have one of my own to peruse.

Thank you for sharing this! :)

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