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a little news-preamble before I bombard you with more drawings

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Apr. 24th, 2012 | 08:35 am

So I finished 2 exams on my birthday! To be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed both muchly. Nietzsche was a lightning bolt of not-too-hard fun slightly caffeine-high rush. Comics was more subdued (I felt pretty zen before the exam, haha. Something about night exams); it was fun. I felt that I discovered a lot about the comics themselves while writing it. Am I the only one who feels an adrenaline rush while I'm writing exams? Sort of little  "omg! I can't believe I didn't notice ___ and ___ about this text!" moments. I think's my Singapore background of ritualized exam-writing that has gotten me bred in me the masochistic delight in the whole *ritual* of exams. 
(I stumbled into Prof. Peters at Art Java and he said "I guess it's a small death instead of a long prolonged death." Sigh, he is as pessimistic about academia as ever x_x)

Anyway, one more paper and I'm done. MEANWHILE (as they often say in comics...)
I'm in this, this thursday:

This is the facebook invite
I'll be there! Catching crepes with Cody before then we will head off :D a little fun spin before I leave.

Ohh! And you can see the mural I did with the En Masse group over here:
Can you guess which little thing I did? I'm sure you can. I was only there for an hour, but it was fun!
From this site

Also, you can find my art in paperbrains
and the lovely Magpie Magazine this spring.
Do buy a copy if you feel inclined to do so.
Oh, and Vielfat as well!

Hmm, what else? While I have more art. perhaps I'll leave you with one piece so as not to bombard you afterwards too much. I've been drawing bigger, see.

The... last doorway to Spring. I think. Or perhaps I'm sick of drawing small now I have my epic zeichenblock. I do feel liberated.


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